Hello there.

You could say I am a graphic designer but I call myself a visual problem solver. I love using both sides of my brain equally. I utilize a left-brained analytic approach to deliver a right-brained creative solution. My design approach and inspiration are wildly driven by a never ending thirst for knowledge. I love learning new techniques, researching new industries and audiences and seeing projects through from ideation to execution. 

I have an interesting, unique mix of degrees: Graphic and Web Design, Economics and  Philosophy. My mind is a kaleidoscope of colors, equations, theories, and words. In design speak I love large impactful images, strong contrast, structured layouts, and typography.

My diverse background and sharp visual eye enable me to take on a projects across many industries and mediums. I am committed to my clients, my team and my work. 

I like using both sides of my brain as a creative and an analyst.

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